Rev A A Barclay
   born: Walderston, Manchester, September 21, 1876;       died: Goshen, St Mary, November 3, 1926.

Daily Gleaner, November 18, 1926

Rev Henry Ward speaking at the funeral of the Hon and Rev A A Barclay: 

'Alexander Aemelius Barclay, patriot, preacher, statesman, social reformer, educationist, man of affairs, Christian gentleman, is dead . . . .' 

'A voice has been silenced, a great heart stilled, a bright and shining light extinguished.'  

. . . . 

'A man truly great in massive intellect, in sterling character, in earnest endeavour, in epoch-making achievement. Barclay's life is a benediction and an inspiration. The community of Western St Mary, the Presbyterian Church, the Island of Jamaica and the British West Indies are all honoured in such a man.'

Rev Henry Ward:

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Daily Gleaner, December 17, 1926

Memorial service for the Hon and Rev A A Barclay

Rev Robert Johnson:

'His bright intellect, and earnest spirit carried him easily over educational difficulties, and his teacher formed the highest hopes for him.'

. . . .

'The distinguished position he took as a student in the Mico and University College pointed him out as exceptionally qualified for the onerous duties of the scholastic profession.'

. . . .

'Mr. Barclay was at once an easy and a difficult student to teach: easy because he could see things so quickly and grasp them so firmly: difficult because he thought he could get to the bottom of all mysteries and expected to get there at a single bound.'

Rev Robert Johnson:

A A Kennedy
born: Manchester, November 19, 1874
died: Belmont, Manchester, January 16, 1936

R M Murray 
W H Plant 
J L Ramson